Electronic Power Systems, Inc. is a service company, therefore we have years of first-hand experience in testing and maintaining all battery manufacturers products.  Our years of experience in testing and replacing thousands of batteries have taught us what manufactures provide the most reliable product.  We supply and stock these batteries for immediate shipment and use in emergency situations. The single most critical element of UPS performance is battery quality.  Electronic Power Systems offers a line of qualified premium batteries for use with your UPS systems.


UPS Battery Replacement

Don’t let rolling blackouts, severe weather, natural disasters, or utility problems stop you from running your business. Contact Electronic Power Systems, Inc.  today to ensure your batteries are ready for anything.

A top priority on everyone’s list is energy efficiency.  We can provide your data center managers with the information they need to be aware of the newest industry developments.  Our goal is to help you run a cost effective, secure data center.

Electronic Power Systems, Inc. helps you sustain critical operations that simply can’t go down.

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