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Fire suppression

Critical facilities require a high level of fire protection.  A small fire, even one contained to one area or controlled by a conventional sprinkler system can cause problems in a critical operation.  Fortunately there are fire protection tools that do protect highly valuable and sensitive areas; Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems. Clean agent systems not only protect an enclosure from fire, they protect the contents as well, including people, documents, and equipment.

The physical benefits of a clean extinguishing agent are many, but a greater value is what these fire-fighting agents can do for your business. In today’s highly competitive global economy, any interruption or loss of service can be disastrous.

Our fire protection systems are effective, easy to use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. And whether you need innovative fire suppression, replacement of an old halon system or protection of a key asset or small space, we can analyze your operation and help you determine the correct fire protection for all your business applications.


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